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2010 Direct Contributors

By jolson - Posted on 12 January 2012

Central Minnesota Legal Services would like to express our thank you and appreciation to the following direct contributors of 2010:
Central Minnesota Community Foundation Women on Stage Event
Hanson & Efron
Leonard Street & Deinard Foundation
Minnesota Justice Foundation
Minnesota State Bar Association
Ninth District Bar Association
Eighteenth District Bar Association
Mr. Walter Burk
Ms. Martha Delaney
Mr. Joseph Dixon
Ms. Marie Failinger
Judge Charles Flinn, Jr.
Ms. Mary Grau
Ms. Erin Keyes
Ms. Jean Lastine
Mr. Brian Melendez
Ms. Amy Moberg in honor of Sarah Shella-Stevens
Ms. Pat O'Neill
Mr. William Sjoholm
Ms. Deb Thompson
Mr. Daniel Tyson